Joy Ride in The City With One of Used Cars in Kolkata

A city doesn’t get to be called ‘The city of joy’ for nothing. Kolkata is one of India’s oldest metropolitan cities. With a population of almost 14.1million it accounts for one third of the population of all the metros together. Rich in heritage and history, Kolkata has more to offer than just Rasgullas. Fine cuisine, great monuments and so much to explore, this city is made for enjoyment. One should always go out in groups, be it family or friends. But with such a large population, the famous Kolkata metro may not always be the best option. Having a car of your own in this city is a boon.

One thing about Kolkata is you can find almost any car, any model, any year you are looking for. Used cars in Kolkata are very popular. One can find anything between an old Contessa classic and a modern day Honda Accord. Ambassadors are also popular in the city, as are old fiats which have been used as cabs for many years. They say old is gold and these old models still deliver unmatched performance at their price. But the city is not all about the old. The latest in sedans and SUVs aren’t uncommon. Most used car showrooms in the city would have a large collection of cars that are anything between 2 to 10 years old. The cars are quality checked and they ensure that no damaged car is put for sale.

If you are looking for old used cars in Kolkata like a Contessa or an older Mercedes then it is advisable to search classifieds for individuals posting advertisements. Most old cars in good condition are sold directly by the owners to interested parties. Also if you have a specific car in mind then the best place to find your desired car is on online websites that offer free classifieds. Thousands of second hand cars can be found over the internet to meet all your requirements.

Although sedans and SUVs are popular, people in Kolkata especially prefer hatchbacks and smaller cars. Due to traffic congestions and narrow roads, smaller cars are easier to drive in the city. They are also more economical in terms of cost and running cost. They offer excellent mileage and are ideal for the city.

Kolkata is a new adventure at every street corner. So why miss out on it just because of public transport restrictions. Go and explore in your own car.

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